Sales Cloud

Sales Cloud

TECHILAN helps in growing with ease from anywhere with right sales tools and helps in bringing out the best in every sale. TECHILAN also helps in winning more deals and strengthen customer relationships with sales cloud. We help your CRM grow at the pace of your business and you no longer must be tied down to your desk to close deals. TECHILAN helps reps close more deals faster with forecasting tools, lead management, and the ability to configure, price, and quote every deal. Productive sales team results in faster, predictable business growth.Let us prove it to you.

Sales Cloud is the perfect customer management solution for whatever phase of growth your company is in. Flexible enough for businesses of any size or industry and scalable for anything you need with the largest enterprise app ecosystem.

Contact Management

This provides a complete view of your customers, key contacts, customer activity history, and customer communications. This helps in knowing every contact in your customer accounts and collaborate with people companywide.

Opportunity Management

Opportunity Management helps in creating quotes with quantity, standard price, quoted price, and product codes and helps in viewing critical details in a rich activity timeline of your customer's activity. Provides insight on who you are competing against, what stage your deal is in, and what is essential for the next win. This helps to manage all your sales deals with Salesforce while staying connected to the people and information you need to close every sale, from anywhere.

Lead Management

Salesforce lets you track all the right information about your leads. Set up automatic lead scoring and routing to ensure leads never fall through the cracks, and the right sales reps follow up on hottest leads. By tracking and scoring your leads with lead tracking software from Salesforce, your business will get the most return, convert more leads to opportunities, and win more deals.

Reports and Dashboards

Our CRM analytics software keeps you updated with customized sales forecasting. Track team performance with dashboards and other sales reporting tools, to get the most valuable information front and center. Use the customer analytics software within our Salesforce mobile app to help you check on your key business metrics on a touch of your mobile device.

Mobile CRM

The Sales Cloud mobile app is the best way to make more sales and stay connected to important data no matter where you are. Helps to Connect instantly with colleagues and team members and join conference calls with a tap, take meeting notes, access, and update your CRM data anytime, even while offline.The Sales Cloud mobile app is the best way to make more sales and stay connected to important data no matter where you are. Helps to Connect instantly with colleagues and team members and join conference calls with a tap, take meeting notes, access, and update your CRM data anytime, even while offline.

Activity Management

Supercharge your sales productivity with AI features of Salesforce Inbox. Sell smarter and move deals forward faster with AI-driven insights and email tracking. We help you get a complete view of all your customer interactions with Salesforce integration to Outlook or Gmail.

Manage pipeline and forecasting

Take your business into the future with sales forecasting. Sales processes tend to change. So, forecasts must be flexible enough to keep up to ensure accuracy and consistency. We help in creating forecasts based on KPIs that match your unique business model. We help you generate better quality leads and forecast future sales growth with the forecast data on hand related to customer behavior and past sales data.

Territory Management

Salesforce Sales Cloud features a powerful sales territory management that lets you model your sales territories into a logical and flexible structure that maps the right sales reps to the right customers so your team can be effective. If you manage territories effectively, you are allocating resources efficiently, so you are more likely to maximize sales and profits. Model your sales territories into a logical and flexible structure that maps the right sales reps to the right customers to maximize revenue.

Partner Management

We help you build and empower your partner network with partner management software features from Sales Cloud. Sales Cloud is the easiest way to develop a fully branded partner community. This channel management software will give you a direct view into the performance of you channel partners, so you collaborate better and drive more deals as well Co-develop effective marketing campaigns and manage marketing development funds.

Salesforce CPQ

From leads, navigate all the way to cash, with CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) software made for your sales journey in the sales cloud. CPQ software generates quotes quickly and isaccessed by the sales team immediately based on the customer’s requirements. Automate quotes, control pricing, and close deals faster with CPQ software on the world’s #1 CRM platform.Deliver sales quotes, contracts, and invoices that are clear and accurate every time. Take your revenue to new heights with CPQ (configure, price, quote).


Pardot is a Business-to-business automation for marketing and lead gen tool. Align marketing and sales to generate the best leads and connect with them at the right time to close more deals. This has powerfulemail marketing, custom landing pages, smarter lead capture forms, and a central marketing dashboard. This helps to measure and optimize campaign performance with closed-loop reporting.

Salesforce Inbox

Instantly update your CRM with sales data from your inbox. Add deals right from your inbox, and dive into Salesforce with just one click. This helps in streamlining workflow, anticipate customer needs, see key customer data, and more from your email. Extend the full power of the Salesforce platform to email and calendar using Inbox.

Einstein Activity Capture — Einstein activity Capture helps in Capturing every touchpoint in Salesforce automatically.Let Einstein help keep data between Salesforce and your email and calendar applications up to date. Then you can get back to more important things, like selling.

Revenue Intelligence

Get a 360-degree view of your customer by having a contextual insight embedded in every business process and track your forecasts, coverage, percentage of quota attainment and rep leaderboard. Scale team performance on various KPIs and outcomes versus peers.Revenue Intelligence helps in providing pre-built analytics and transparent AI predictions that you can customize over time.

Einstein Sales Analytics

Collaborate with your team, create tasks, and update Sales Cloud records right from your Sales Analytics dashboard. Einstein Sales Analytics helps in identifying new opportunities and trends without hunting through disconnected spreadsheets or fragmented tools. Make smarter decisions with AI-augmented data discovery and explanations.Spot trends by connecting data from any source, right into Salesforce. Also discover insights, predict outcomes, find recommendations, and act quickly on a complete, AI-powered analytics platform.Einstein will uncover the underlying reasons behind data patterns, helps in predicting what’s trending next, and provide intelligent recommendations on what actions to take.

Sales Cloud Einstein

The world’s #1 CRM and AI Genius helps to automate processes, uncover insights, and helps in growing your company with AI-powered functionalities and watch how AI coaches your team to make smarter moves. Einstein Lead Scoring helps to tackle your best leads based on your past deals, Einstein automatically prioritizes the leads most likely to convert and close. Pick the biggest winners with Einstein Opportunity Insights by getting real answers instantly — and explore customer sentiment, competitor involvement, and overall prospect engagement. With Einstein Activity Capture give reps more time to sell by connecting your email and calendar to Salesforce and all relevant emails and meetings attach to the right Salesforce record, adding to everyone's productivity by eliminating data entry and increasing selling time. Einstein Account Insights in the Lightning Sales Console helps to see the key business developments touching your accounts, including M&A activity and company expansion updates.

Lightning Dialer

Reach out to customers and prospect, from within salesforce immediately just by clicking on their phone number in Salesforce. Find customer responses, view call history, take notes, and finalize details - all - while your prospects are on the line, all without switching apps or devices which helps to Gain back hours of productivity. Make calls with a single click, then receive inbound calls and take notes -all- directly within Salesforce.

Sales Engagement (formerly known as Einstein High Velocity Sales -HVS)

Salesforce High Velocity Sales is a streamlined solution tailored to inside sales teams (including sales development and business development reps) and designed to speed up the sales process. Bringing together many of Salesforce’s core technologies with new features, High Velocity Sales gives inside sales teams: Insights on how to prospect smarter and faster Integrated tools to eliminate busywork and multiple logins, new levels of best-practice automation for scalable, repeatable success. The features included in this product are Lightning Sales Console, Sales Cadences, Work Queues, Einstein Lead Score, Lightning Dialer &Email Integration.

App Exchange

Salesforce AppExchange makes the world’s most powerful platforms more powerful with thousands of third-party Salesforce-native business apps. This is the world’s leading business app marketplace. Applications related to ERP, accounting, HR, administration, an CRM can is here. These apps are native to Salesforce, so can be plugged and played seamlessly right in the salesforce ecosystem you are accustomed to and draw from your Salesforce database.

Partner Communities

Build and empower your partner network with partner management software features from Sales Cloud. Connect with channel partners to build a partner network, Share goals, objectives, and activities in a secure, branded location. Partner community gives partners the power to be their own marketers. Partner communities help in personalizing partner recruitment, onboarding, and sales with turnkey Partner Relationship Management (PRM) built on the #1 CRM platform. This powerful channel management software will give you a direct view into the performance of you channel partners which results in better collaboration and drive more deals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sales Cloud is focused for sales reps, sales development reps, technical account managers, sales operations, and sales managers, with all key functionality geared towards account acquisition, the sales funnel, and closing deals. Sales Cloud’s sales force automation software helps sales managers highlight team-wide insights that can guide the overall sales strategy, from establishing sales quotas to territory management to sales forecasting.

Service Cloud is geared towards service agents, technical support team, customer service team, and service managers. Key functionality is focused on agent efficiencies, customer experience, and managing customer service issues in line with your company’s processes and SLAs.Case management, Surveys, Chatbots,omni channel features of Service cloud helps in agent productivity and improves customer satisfaction.

Sales Cloud helps you keep track of all your customer information and interactions in a single place that’s accessible from anywhere, any time. Sales Cloud helps nurture those potential customers along until they’re a quality lead who’s ready to buy, then it automatically routes them to the right reps at the right time. Sales Cloud dashboards give salespeople a real-time picture of the business at a glance. Detailed customer activity reports help you track the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, determine business priorities, and make smart decisions based on the most up-to-date information.

Features such as Live agent, Einstein chatbot, Omni Channel, Knowledgebase, Email-to-case, skill-based routing, Macros, Milestone Tracking, surveys, Omni channel in the Salesforce Service cloud are the key tools which help the agent to respond to customers quickly and efficiently on any channel. These activities are streamlined through Salesforce Lightning Console, which has been designed with agent productivity in mind.