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Cloud computing is a means of providing computing services (including databases, servers, software, and networking) via the internet, allowing the user to bypass direct management of those systems. Cloud computing is a way to remotely store and access data and programming that utilizes the internet rather than hosting information on your computer’s hard drive.

Salesforce is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform that uses cloud technology to bring companies and customers together. It helps businesses to manage their customer’s data, track their activities efficiently.

It supports powerful, connected products for improving your marketing, sales, commerce, service, IT, and more.

No, you don't have to move everyone at once. In fact, we recommend transitioning users in phases, starting with a small pilot, to keep the effort manageable and iterate on lessons learned.

Salesforce creates and supports customer relationship management (CRM) software that helps break down the technology silos between departmentsto give companies a complete view of their customer everywhere they interact with your brand.

Sales Engagement is formerly known as HVS – High Velocity Sales. Sales Cloud High Velocity Sales is a streamlined solution tailored to virtual sales teams (including sales development and business development reps) and designed to speed up and scale up the sales process. This gives your reps everything they need to succeed by efficiently reaching the best leads, intelligently convert leads, and create new opportunities in one seamless workspace — all with the help of Sales Engagement.

Omni-Channel is a Customer Service and Console based Salesforce feature that helps automatic routing of different kinds of work items (such as Leads, chat requests, and Cases) to agents. Omni Channel routes all the work items to the agents automatically based on the agent's capacity, priority, and skills.Omni-Channel, Service Cloud’s comprehensive customer service solution, assigns work items to agents in real time, right from the Salesforce console.

Build and manage Einstein Bots to ease the load on your service agents. Bots can handle routine requests and free your agents to handle more complex issues. Bots can also gather pre-chat information to save your agent’s time.Bots help in creating cases, updating case, fetching knowledge articles, routing cases based on agent availability and skills and much more.Einstein chatbot is available in Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer Editions. Einstein is an NLU technology that trains chatbots to create a learning model. The learning model helps chatbots created with Salesforce understand customer interactions in a chat window.

Salesforce.com uses a variety of methods to ensure that your data is safe, secure, and available only to registered users in your organization. Salesforce.com utilizes some of the most advanced technology for Internet security available today. When you access our site using a supported web browser, Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology protects your information using both server authentication and data encryption.

Sales Cloud is focused for sales reps, sales development reps, technical account managers, sales operations, and sales managers, with all key functionality geared towards account acquisition, the sales funnel, and closing deals. Sales Cloud’s sales force automation software helps sales managers highlight team-wide insights that can guide the overall sales strategy, from establishing sales quotas to territory management to sales forecasting.

Service Cloud is geared towards service agents, technical support team, customer service team, and service managers. Key functionality is focused on agent efficiencies, customer experience, and managing customer service issues in line with your company’s processes and SLAs.Case management, Surveys, Chatbots,omni channel features of Service cloud helps in agent productivity and improves customer satisfaction.

Sales Cloud helps you keep track of all your customer information and interactions in a single place that’s accessible from anywhere, any time. Sales Cloud helps nurture those potential customers along until they’re a quality lead who’s ready to buy, then it automatically routes them to the right reps at the right time. Sales Cloud dashboards give salespeople a real-time picture of the business at a glance. Detailed customer activity reports help you track the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, determine business priorities, and make smart decisions based on the most up-to-date information.

Features such as Live agent, Einstein chatbot, Omni Channel, Knowledgebase, Email-to-case, skill-based routing, Macros, Milestone Tracking, surveys, Omni channel in the Salesforce Service cloud are the key tools which help the agent to respond to customers quickly and efficiently on any channel. These activities are streamlined through Salesforce Lightning Console, which has been designed with agent productivity in mind.

Salesforce customization refers to custom software development and coding to add robust features or any feature or functions which are not available as a part of application and the application needs to extend in your CRM platform. These features can be integrated with your business to have a scalable impact. Usually, these are the actions that extend the functionality of your CRM, expanding the scope of your business tasks.

Many companies have both cloud-based and on-premises applications. Like all major web services, Salesforce has a robust API for Salesforce integration with third-party application systems. The Salesforce CRM platform is built to work with other applications to provide a seamless back-end experience that allows you to run your organization smoothly

Keeping the customers in mind, the Salesforce CRM is designed to empower businesses and help them address the concerns of customers. With better solutions, it helps in providing value to the customers. Salesforce helps in increasing revenue and minimizing the cost of your investment. Investing in Salesforce CRM will not only enable your business to connect with customers better but also help in the faster growth of your business.

Salesforce Console apps are a tab-based workspace suited for fast-paced work environments. Manage multiple records on a single screen and reduce time spent clicking and scrolling to quickly find, update, and create records. You can embed multiple apps and components on single screen which provides reps with a single window view of different object, app information..

The role of Software Testing in the development process is compulsory because we all make mistakes. Some of those mistakes are insignificant, but some of them are expensive or irreplaceable. Software testing is recognized to be the procedure in which an application or software is validated or verified to ensure that it is free from bugs or errors. It is also done to ensure whether the software accomplishes the technical requirements, as guided by the development and design. In addition to this, it also ensures that the requirements of the user are accomplished efficiently and effectively, and the boundary and exceptional cases are handled perfectly

An increasing number of organizations are realizing the fact that improving the test process is critical for ensuring the quality of the software and overall business processes and multiple other benefits it offers. Moving to a more digitally embedded society, the influence of software is far bigger these days. It contributes to upscale life standards, enhances the business prospects, and evolves a smart world.As the disastrous effects of software failures shattering the business and social populations, Software testing plays a pivotal role in boosting your business.

Whether you are anowner of a small business or any mid-size business which uses software tool, software testing is critical for your company. If your business uses software tool, CRM/ERP or any software, you owe it to your business to ensure that every piece of software you deliver to your customers is bug-free and easy to use and helpful. Your business will thrive when you build a cadre of satisfied customers by utilizing the various functionalities of the software that works the way it’s supposed to, time after time. So, to keep your customers delighted with your software tool, with no hindering issues, software testing is essential..

TECHILAN formulate and deliver quality Software Testing solutions under optimized turn-around-time. With high-quality, customer-centric and on-time testing, we aim to extend superior services while maintaining the industry standards. We have team of quality assurance engineers /software tester who cater to deliver error free software implementations and are passionate about quality and deliver quantifiable results. We impart testing services with expertise and expansive experience for greater impact and improved Software Quality.

Because Salesforce is about being able to track customer journeys, you need to understand both business and user needs. A consultant has an established approach with a broad perspective, which means that you get a clearer picture of how your customers' needs are related to your business. Salesforce is a complex system with all its interlinking components. Without knowing how all the elements should be used, and how they can be extended with custom features, you can almost guarantee that something will not be set up correctly. For providing guide to utilize all of salesforce effectively and efficiently based on your business and customer need, Salesforce consultation provides a very good insight.

Customer 360 is the breadth of Salesforce technology — one integrated CRM platform to bring your company and customers together — from anywhere.Customer 360 is a concept that refers to getting a single view of customer engagement across the entire customer journey. It connects apps and data sources from customer interactions to give businesses a 360-degree customer view.Businesses use Customer 360 to gain real-time customer information to optimize personalized customer experiences (CX). Customer 360 unites your marketing, sales, commerce, service, and IT departments with shared, easy-to-understand data on one integrated CRM platform.

For small businesses, it offers tailor-made solutions for sales, marketing, and service teams; a very popular Essentials-level platform for general use is also available. It is for these reasons and more that Salesforce is our choice as the best CRM system for growing business.Salesforce Small Business CRM can help you grow faster by giving you the tools to fill the sales pipeline through smarter marketing, improved sales productivity and efficiency, and retention capabilities.Salesforce can help your business streamline and automate processes, so everyone is working more efficiently and consistently. Once you have closed those deals, Salesforce Small Business CRM gives your service agents more opportunities to add value and sell more services to your customers.

Our team of certified Salesforce experts’ partner with you tobenefit out of Salesforce CRM for all your business needs. Our Team of expertshas expertise in Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Experience cloud, Customer 360, Pardot, integrations, and the Salesforce Lightning architecture. We do everything from Lightning conversions, to enabling new feature, integrations, app building and custom dashboarding, to mobile app development to help you fully benefit from the power of the Salesforce platform. We are committed to understanding your specific business needs and applying our knowledge of Salesforce to provide you, our clients, with lasting business value.